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"Innovation drives our team. We continually look for new and improved ways to advance the plastics industry and deliver the best results to our customers."

In the spirit of innovation, Plastic Engineering & Technical Services introduces Accelerate™ Engineering System. The newest knowledge-based mold design software Accelerate™ Engineering System is real-time design reduces design time by 640 percent!

Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, in collaboration with Fisher Unitech and Vulcan Works in Troy, Michigan, have been developing the software to better serve customers and improve part quality at a cost-effective approach.

Nine-Step Design Process:

  • Enter Design Parameters
  • Real-time Design
  • Interactive 2D Sketch
  • Configuration of the hot runner system
  • 3D Modeling
  • Multiple Angle Viewing includes; top, section, internal and exploded viewing options
  • Produces Details
  • Finalized BOM
  • Production

Accelerate™ allows us to design a hot runner system from the initial concept to production preparation in less than one-hour. The Design Engineers are able to reduce design time, troubleshoot potential design flaws and determine preliminary design adjustments prior to production. We will provide the cost-savings to our customers!

Soon, we will offer Accelerate™ Engineering System to you! Our customers will be able to access the design technology software online. You will have the ability to lay the assembly design into the other production designs.

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