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"Plastic Engineering & Technical Services designs and builds hot runner systems with precision and quality. Our experienced team understands our production systems 'inside and out' and develops solutions to meet the specific needs the first time."

Plastic Engineering & Technical Services will provide you with experience and quality equipment development. We combined our years of plastic molding and tooling experience and advanced technology to produce results for you. Our traditional hot runner systems are constantly being updated and improved to meet and exceed your expectations.

Even-Flow™ Hot Runner Manifold Systems is a patented cast round custom casting that results in faster start-up, cooler operating systems and energy savings. Our Engineers have improved the performance to assist in achieving precise drop placement and retain its reliability. The one-piece design provides absolute structural integrity for guaranteed leak-proof operation and economical processing. The design elements of the Even-Flow™ results in enhanced flow, faster color changes and uniform heating.

Even-Flow II™ Hot Runner Manifold System is a machined round hot runner manifold made of solid P20 steel to which provides optimal control and precise points of injection. The newest technically advanced system includes:

  • Stainless steel locating rings
  • Titanium pre-loads
  • Hermetically sealed heater bands
  • Improved multi-zoning
  • Two-step diamond polished end plugs
  • Made to any shape or size

These are a few of the latest developments that have improved heat transfer, thermal conductivity and increases performance. Due to the round one-piece design, this system withstands excessive pressure in excess of 35,000 psi while maintaining the ability to manually control various temperature zones. You can achieve ultimate flow rate, eliminate production downtime and increase the life of the product.

Square Hot Runner Manifold System is an advanced design with industry precision performance standards that will meet manufacturing requirements. Similarly to the traditional Even-Flow™ round hot runner, the Square Hot Runner Manifold System offers many of the same attributes and features:

  • Dual-seat P20 steel radius plug that eliminates "dead-spots" that can trap and degrade material
  • Heavy gauge cover plates to improve heat transfer
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Thicker robust design and multiple zoning for increased heat control

This customized system generates improved uniform heating and consistent heat transfer. The system is easily installed and maintainable throughout the life of the product.

The Plastic Engineering & Technical Services team can customize any hot runner system to fit your manufacturing needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most precise injection process and exceptional product performance.

Valve Gate Manifold Systems provide precise materials delivery for optimized processing parameters. Our team can supply you with an individual component or a fully integrated system to support any operating system. Plastic Engineering & Technical Services has both Hydraulically and Pneumatically operated systems available to you.

Hot Half Manifold Systems are customized to fit your tooling needs. Our engineers are dedicated to making your hot runner manifold run smoothly. The Hot Half Manifold is simple to use and easily ready for your mold. The hot half is a completed bolt-on assembly that is pre-wired and ready to set in place. The components include:

  • Clamp plate
  • Spacer plate
  • Hot runner
  • Drop plate
  • Drops

The entire system is pre-assembled allowing you to simply put in place and begin production. Our design engineers have concentrated on providing a user-friendly system. You can focus on delivering to your customer!